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or so i have been told no less than 9 times in the last 5 days. being laid off from my job did come as a shock. mostly because of the way it happened. they emailed me. not only did they email me, but i did not receive that email until AFTER my supervisor called (by the traditional telephone) to console me. so, it wasn’t a particularly graceful lay-off.

so now i find myself unemployed here in the U.S. with no work permit. i am not legally employable. however, the difference between me and some of the other visitors here is that i can actually apply for one because of the type of visa we have. the awesomely ironic thing about this, is that applying for said work permit will actually cost me $350. to make money i need a work permit. to get a work permit i need money. to make money i need a work permit. to get a work permit i need money….. sigh.

i imagine the reason this happened now is that i have so much fabric, yarn, embroidery supplies etc. that there really could not be a better time for me to get my shit together and make newnewkitty happen. i have soooo many ideas and Portland is a great place to make those ideas reality. i have already spoken to two shops that i can take different things in to to sell both outright and on consignment. i am also loading up the good old vintage book shop again. oldkitty will be bursting at the seams by the end of april! i have some amazing books stacked up in the sewing room.

i am also considering opening another shop on etsy called sadies estate sale where i will purge some of the many, many vintage lovelies that i have collected over the years. board games, kitchen items, toys, linens, and all kinds of whatsits etc.

i hope you will come visit me here, at this blog. leave comments, say hi, let me know you are out there. it’s a scary time but an exciting one too. i’m getting the veggies in the plot right now,… gonna post some photos of the garden too. gardening in the PNW is a whole new experience. stuff never stops growing. it’s frightening really.