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most of you already know that our little family will be packing up and moving from Edmonton to Portland, Oregon. Timmy has accepted a post-doc at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and the choice of Portland could not be better as far as i’m concerned. firstly, it’s Portland, Oregon. secondly, we already have friends there! dear, old friends to boot….

we’ll be leaving here in the fall (with as few of our current possessions as possible) and our first home will be a lovely furnished rental offered up by a professor at the U of P. we will stay there until January at which time we will either move into another rental or, if the bank sees fit, our first NON-rental.  *fingers, toes, and eyes crossed*.

Timmy will be at the lab, Sadie will hopefully be in some delightful playschool, and i will be working from home sewing quilts and other crafty bits to sell at any or all of the amazing craft markets around PDX. i will also be re-opening my Etsy shops and generally trying to make a real go of the crafting as a JOB. neat, huh?

this blog will be mine. you can still visit Sadie at poopie jr.
i hope to document my new life in Portland here for all to see. nothing too personal, mostly craft related stuff. i hope you’ll visit me here sometimes.